Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Playground

Well, it was a lot of work. I got my share of blisters, splinters, and ripped clothing...but now it is done, and we're enjoying the fruits of our labor! The kids LOVE it, and have already spent hours and hours playing. I have many people to thank: My dad for going with Fred to pick it up. Not an easy task. My uncle Chris for attempting to help Papaw put some things together. Heh. Papaw, for working diligently with me while he was here on vacation. And, most of all, my darling husband for helping construct and decorate the playground! This is a wood burning that Fred did for The Artist. We nailed in in the tower.
It has one coat of polyurethane, but it may need another.
The birdhouse that The Artist and The Naturalist painted, is nailed above the trapeze handles. Let's hope no birds poop on their heads. ;-)
We nailed a wooden snake and tiger up by the look-out.
You can see that LiveWire was helping by putting one of his superheroes up there also.
My flag banner thing is nailed to the playset as well.
It looks better there and gives them some more shade.
Yes, a lot of work. But totally worth it!!
Ethan said today that when he is a dad he will build his kids a playset, too. :-)
Awwww... Now, what to do with all the "extra" parts? ;-)


Ann-Marie said...

You know, if I had something this totally awesome when I was a kid, I may just have liked the outdoors a little more!

It's a wonderful outdoor learning and playing area, Wendy. You and your family should be absolutely proud of creating a great place to explore!

Anonymous said...

It looks great! (You don't really have left over pieces do you?)

boutcrazy said...

Reminded me of when we built a playhouse for my kids. Then they added to it and eventually it became a 3-story tree house. It is some of their fondest memories. Thank you for sharing and reminding me of our memeories. Enjoy.

Dionna said...

Your site is much more organized now. I like it better. :)

Simply Stork said...

wow!!! what a playground :o)

great job!!!


Jerri Dalrymple said...

LOL You go girl!!!

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Yep, I had a playground liek this growing up that I loved! And my folks took us hiking, camping caving, to the beach, water name it. I developed a love for nature early on.

Tob, um...just a few spare parts...

Boutcrazy, that is totally what we're planning to do!!--we want to add a section every year. Fred wants me to put "walls" ont he lower area to make a clubhouse.

Dionna, thanks. I like your site better now, too. Brighter. ;-)

Thanks, Simply and Jerri! :-)

Just Pure Lovely said...

I somehow completely missed seeing your blog before (hiding it, or am I just unobservant?). I love it! Great photos and it's fun to read about what's going on (except the tea party, because I'm so jealous it's painful to read).

Will be back!

Just what are those Woods up to? said...

Your site looks terrific!

And so does the playset! Owen would be living outdoors with that in his backyard!

melissa s. said...

what a cute, cute blog, and an awesome play structure!! so much love built into that! thanks for the nice comment on my blog!

Mandy said...

Love the new look of the site and love the playset!! I swear, ours was the best investment ever! Every kid, including ours, that comes over to play spends the entire time out there swinging and climbing and sliding. I LOVED the comment Ethan made... that is so special. Memories in the making!