Thursday, June 12, 2008

results..yeah, I know I'm late

The 5.4 millage increase was passed.
The voting was 998(55%) for to 833(45%) against.

1831 people voted -

less than 15% of our population made the decision for everyone.

That is truly pitiful.

Ah, well. I stood where I believed I should stand, and I tried to get some facts out there. At this point, though, all I can say is that I hope the school turns out fantastic. I hope they spend the money wisely, and make it stretch as far as it will possibly go. And I truly hope that they don't come back asking for more money anytime soon. ;-)

So enough about the millage already, right?

Here's something to get your mind off of it. We went to the local waterfall on Sunday afternoon.

The Naturalist spotted several snakes!

They were close enough to reach out and touch. Yikes!

The boys thought this was "totally awesome!"

LiveWire wanted to keep this one for a pet.


Shirley said...

I just have to say "you go, girl" for taking a stand! I also liked your post about being able to diagree respectfully.
The waterfall is very beautiful!

Arato Girl said...

Great pictures! The naturalist has such an eye for things. I remember he noticed all kinds of stuff at our trail, too.

Ann-Marie said...

That's a captivating photo of the snake. Well, for it being snake and all. I'm proud of you for standing up for what you believe in! You started people thinking, and that is never a failure. Great job, savage!