Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Because I'm a genuis and all...

Oh, yes. I am awesome. Every once in awhile I come up with an "A-Ha" moment. (Yes, I realize this is usually my sister, A Ha's, territory.)

Okay, so this may not be so thrilling to any of you guys, but I'm VERY thrilled.

First, moment of brilliance: An exercise bar. Okay, I've mentioned before that we like to be outside. We need sunshine, exercise, fresh air. And, because I really can't do anything about controlling the weather, I decided to at least control an atmosphere more conducive to exercise.

This way the little boys can hang, do pull-ups, dangle by their legs. All inside the house. More energy exerted at the bar means less energy exerted on the couches. RIGHT? (Yes, I am actually encouraging my children to climb the walls!!)

Plus, I mounted higher brackets near the top of the door frame, so the bar can be easily moved and I will also benefit from the exercise. YAY!

As you may have guessed, I did clothesline myself and fell flat on my back yesterday. Ouch. I'm lucky not to have a shiner.

Next, meet our magnetic remote. Oh, yeah, baby. No more lost remote. Does that ever happen in your home? Really, I could care less about the remote. However, I do not like Fred and the kids tearing up the living room looking for it. And we have slipcovers, so it was often getting down into the cover. What happens when someone searches a slipcover for a remote? A messy couch! So, being the brilliant person that I am, I glued four strong magnets to the back of Fred's universal remote. I used wood glue, because my Gorilla Glue is...ahem...unopenable.

It works great! And, to be fair, I got this idea from my sister, who bought a magnetic remote. I didn't even know such things existed! I still think that DVD players should have "search" buttons for the remote, like phones have. You know, it would beep until you find it. Still, that would drive me nuts, too. Maybe we could program it to play a song? Shhh... I'll invent it and sell it and make millions! :-)

Last, but not least, I promised Easter pictures!!

Searching my parents' house was fun. Little Lad got a kick out of finding eggs hidden with pool balls. And the older kids found eggs in curtains, on the computer desks, and in plants. I'm sure Noni will be finding more eggs for weeks!


Jerri Dalrymple said...

Ah, yes, you are quite the mastermind! :0) However, I've "clotheslined" myself one too many times OUTSIDE....inside would drive me buggy! :-p I love all the pics...let me know how those pull-ups go! ;0)

Just what are those Woods up to? said...

Brilliant! Except for the part where you clotheslined yourself, ha ha HA! Adam wants to know why you and Fred aren't doing pull-ups with the bar? (-;

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Thank, Jules. I know your laughter only means that you care! ;-)
Inform Adam, please, that I have been using the bar. The kids even took pictures of me hanging upside down, but I decided not to post those!
Fred hasn't tried it. Go figure.

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

And, Jerri, the bar can easily be taken down. I was just lazy the first day and left it up... won't do that again!! Now it's only mounted when we are actually using it!!