Thursday, April 9, 2009

Homeschool methods and whatnot

Where do I begin? Well, between company, school, and dance lessons we've been pretty busy. (My poor over-socialized homeschooled children.)

Yes, I did say dance lessons. Fred and I started on Tuesday. And, let me tell you, I may just be the least coordinated person attempting this. Then, to add to the difficulty, my husband is this huge robotic manly man who thinks he can dance. He does keep time well, but he doesn't know his own strength, and practically jerks me back and forth. I call it the "Burly Man Swing." Heh heh. Still, it was fantastically wonderful. I LOVE it. I stink, but I love it.

I practiced at home, in front of the mirror. The instructor said I need to get my hips moving. Hard to practice that in a room full of strangers. Right left, roll...slow, slow, quick quick, pass, spin... sigh :-)

Anyway, wish me luck!! I have several more weeks to improve.
Next week I'll bring my camera!!

On Tuesday we had some special little friends over, while their folks moved into a new house.
Happy Birthday again, Kenzie!
Look at these kids with all of their weapons. Geesh.

The two 2-year olds. (Yes, it went remarkably well! They are little buddies.)

Next subject: homeschool. I know I've mentioned before that we do a whole-hearted Charlotte Mason approach. Gotta love good lit!

Here's what we call our ...ahem... Montessori, highly hands-on approach, to learning.

This is my Dash making supper. I have a "special helper" every day, thanks to a friend's (LauraR) idea. On their special day, they get to choose where in the van to sit, get their meals first, etc... but they also help make supper and do any extras that I need. The kids love it!! Because I have four kids, the three older kids each get two days, and Little Lad has Sunday.

Anyway, yesterday was one of Dash's days, so he helped make gravy, peeled potatoes, cooked meat, and opened our cans. He didn't want me to help at all. Granted, I have to start dinner about half an hour earlier, but they sure do learn a lot, and it's fun!!
And here is Little Lad learning to clean up after himself. ;-0
(It's the table, not the floor, by the way!)

Yesterday was gorgeous!! I actually ended up with quite a sunburn. We did all of our school work and readings outside, and even brought our lunch outdoors to the back picnic table.

And what do the kids do on their breaks? Why, they just enjoy God's beautiful radiant sunshine!! I love this picture, of them just relaxing and being quiet! There's something so energizing about being in the fresh air and sunshine.
On Darcy's blog, she brought up a good question: What do you do with the younger kids when you teach the older ones? My answer is simple: let them play! This is especially easy when we work outside. Little Lad rides his scooter on the driveway around us. The gate is locked to keep him in!
Dash digs in the dirt pile with his dump trucks.
When we do read-alouds, they all get to dig or play on the swing set together, as long as they are listening and can narrate the story back to me. When I do preK work with Dash, the older kids play and read with Little Lad.

It's the cold or wet days that get hard for me. Then we break out the blocks, colors, cars, you name it. Lots of little hands-on things!

Side: Tonight I got to eat out and shop with my two little sisters. SO MUCH FUN. I love having sisters. I love having such kind, intelligent, and witty sisters. And I love it that they live in nearby towns! Yep, I'm blessed with an amazing family!


Just what are those Woods up to? said...

I had a great time with you two last night!

I love this post! I wish I could see you and Fred dance. Ha ha!

What a great idea to have a special helper. A great bonding time, and a way to teach them to do things around the house. Very smart.

That pic of Oliver looks so much like Ethan to me!

I absolutely love the pic of the kids basking in the sun. It's so great how much your family loves the outdoors.

Hey, I tagged you on my blog. Don't feel like you have to do it, but it was kinda fun.

Love ya!

Jerri Dalrymple said...

Love the post and am glad you got to enjoy the sun! We ran all day. Orthodontist appts. and testing and work meetings. Ugh.


Ann-Marie said...

I want photos of the dancing couple!!! What a fun activity. Photos! Photos! Please?

You're raising some sun-loving kids there, Wendy! Beautiful kids! Spring is such an awesome time of year.

Rachel said...

Ohhhh! Lad looks SO CUTE on his scooter! :-D

Suzanne said...

I just saw this post. I must have been busy or something:) Thank you for taking the kids that day for me. It's hard to believe we've been here almost 2 months already.