Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Soaring to new heights

It rained again yesterday. I could never live in Forks, I'm tellin' ya.
Sunshine is sustaining, like food. I need it. On beautiful days, we go outside after school (if we haven't been outside working already.) On the yucky nasty dreary days, I have to distract myself with fun things indoors. Yes, I said I'm distracting myself, not the kids. I think they handle the gloom better than I do.
So, we created a Greek mosaic using plaster of paris. Pictures soon.
And we did a mini photo shoot using a blue sheet, white cut-out clouds, and stars.

Nature Man soars through the air, determined to rescue the world yet again from the forces of darkness.
Dash zooms along, following his big brother. He is the ultimate sidekick.
The cloud fairy merely hovers, aiding airplanes through perilous weather.
Yes, these kids shower me with smiles and stars on the gloomiest of days.
The sun starts shining right from the house. :-)
Nature Man is quick to offer aid when the rain comes...


Just what are those Woods up to? said...

How fun! I love the pics!

Just what are those Woods up to? said...

You definitly know how to stay entertained on a rainy day!

Sun-Kissed Scholars said...

I love you mommy! Yes you do interesting things to keep your mind from floating away into the dark gloomy sky! I'm glad you're a craft person so you can entertain your self easily. Love Isabelle