Thursday, October 22, 2009

When I was sick and lay a-bed...

Our week started out like any other, except for the SUN's glorious reappearance.
Oh my, I do miss the sun on dreary days.

On Monday we worked by the windows, with light streaming in and,
when we couldn't handle our home-coop anymore,
our books were brought outside. What a beautiful day that was!
We even squeezed a park playdate in that afternoon.By that evening, though, sickness had set in. Nature Man and I went first, with stiff joints, sore throats, and fevers. On Tuesday we tested positive for the flu. :-(
On Wednesday morning Nature Man's fever spiked to 105.5 and he was doing his scare-mom-half-to-death-wheezing-episodes. So we rushed back in again, to be told that it sounded/ looked like Nature Man was coming down with pneumonia. Geesh. So more meds, more breathing treatments, and more rest.
Today was better. Nature Man has kept his fever down, although the Artist started running a fever last night that has carried on throughout the day. So far Dash and Little Lad seem to be escaping the dreaded swine flu.
School has slowed WAY down this week. We've been doing history (mostly reading and drawing pictures for the time line,) some phonics & grammar when they feel up to it. Math has slowed... I think we only managed to get about half of our scheduled stuff done. The beauty of homeschooling, though... they were able to continue with some things, and they'll be able to sail right back in, without heavy make-up assignments to burden the recovery.
The Artist and I even managed a simple easy craft yesterday. The full directions for this easy fringe fleece scarf are here at Make and Takes.
Cut strips and align them. Sew down the middle.
Cut 1 inch wide slits up both sides, making sure not to cut through the sewn line.
Viola, new scarf!
Rest well and stay well! (and please pray that my little people get/stay well, too!)


Just what are those Woods up to? said...

Wow, Isabelle looks so much like you in that picture!

I'm so sad to hear about you guys being sick. Poor Ethan, having all those problems. I'm so glad to hear everyone seems to be doing better now.

Great scarf!

Arato Girl said...

The picture of Iz is GORGEOUS!

Gosh, I'm so sorry you're all going through that. I will pray that this is the last of the icky sicknesses that have been going around to affect your sweet family.

Shan said...

I'm so sorry you guys were/are sick! This is going to be quite a year! That is a really scary fever nature man rang in with. You poor dears!! I'll pray for you guys too.