Friday, July 1, 2011

Enjoying summer

I sincerely hope that you're enjoying this beautiful summer as much as we are! In spite of the record-breaking heat (or maybe because of- ha!) I'm LOVIN' this summer.

Being the elementary coordinator has some great perks-- I can plan as many nature-lovin', water-wonder field trips as I want!

Go out. Have ~~Fun~~ !


Soaring High said...

Oh wow! Where is that? If you still want to try out our creek, message me. I have about 3 weeks of summer left before life returns to "school year crazy." ie: I start babystitting again.

Jennifer Noble said...

I'm with ya - havin' fun and mostly lovin' the heat! I'll have to read more about your meeting w/ the Duggars, I'm curious about their books too ;) Have you read any of them?