Thursday, July 14, 2011

For Bridgitt

Happy Birthday again, Girl.

Bridgitt is a Real Life friend, Montessori-style homeschooler, mama to three,

outgoing and kind girlfriend, inspiring hands-on teacher...

I wanted to do something special for her bday. It's a simple picture, but captures what I wanted to convey. Her home operates on love. The children are kind and helpful, the home is inviting and kid-friendly. Bridgitt's yard is a regular playground-- and why not? She runs her own school!

But, more than any of that-- she makes it Home by being who she is, planting seeds of knowledge & love in her children.

(she framed it, not me. So sweet that she considers it frame-worthy!)

When it was in progress...

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mysteryhistorymom said...

Wendy- How gorgeous! You are such a blessing to so many and a talented artist!:) Lori

You should sell copies in your shop.;)