Thursday, July 28, 2011

Personality Clothes: What I Wore

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I've mentioned to a few friends lately that my motto lately is "I don't flippin' care" in regards to what other people think. Not that anyone thinks badly, that I know of...but I don't really flippin' care. I asked Fred about dying my hair dark brown with some purple streaks. He smiled...and then asked "what would your homeschool group say?" I love my homeschool group! They're awesome people, and I seriously doubt they'd judge me on hair color...but, frankly, I don't flippin' care.
What does the world think about an orange living room? Asymmetrical haircut? Tube tops? Skirts and aprons every day? My homeschooling lifestyle? A messy house? I don't flippin' care. Yeah, you heard me. I'm not wanting or needing to fit anyone's profile. Deal with it. :)

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I had wanted to participate in the "what I wore" posts that were going around... so neat, so artsy. (Yes, art encompasses make-up and clothes, too. It's just another way to express your personality and play with mixed media!) But I hesitated that just another way to open myself to criticism? Aren't I different enough already? But the motto works for that, too: "I don't flippin' care." And maybe, just maybe, someone else will be inspired. Maybe someone who needs an emotional pull-up will see that it's okay to be who God made you to be. Like I've said before, it's the blue-haired nose-ringed Christians who reach others with that style. If we all conformed to a certain arbitrary standard, then who is being unintentionally (or intentionally??) left out of the "circle." So, yeah. I'm starting my What I Wore posts.

Unlike other posters that I've seen, I have no idea what brands/ stores my clothes are from. The tube top was a hand-me-down from a sister, year ago. Not sure about the little white cardy. The skirt was from my neighbor's Quarter Yard Sale. This outfit cost me a total of $.25 and it fit my mood perfectly yesterday. Summery and light

If you're doing the What I Wore (--or really anything else artsy, crafty, educational, creative--) let me know.

And, please, tell me that you're your own person, too, whatever that means for you.


Drea said...

love this post. thanks! i'm very much in the same boat. ;)

michelle edwards joy said...

It has taken me 35+ years to come to the same conclusion. When we moved to Texarkana I became painfully aware of how different I am and had an identity crisis. But now I am ok with me. Popularity is overrated and since I have let go I am much happier. Be the more unique you you can be.

Anonymous said...

You know, while coming over to your place, before I read this post, I was thinking, "She's so cool." Not that you flippin' care ;)

You've given me a little pick me up this morning to just be who God made me to be and to halt those thoughts that I "should" be more of something or less of something else.

The MommyWife said...

Wendy I LOVED this post because I don't flippin care either! LOL....and you look great :)