Sunday, September 11, 2011

Nature Notebook: Being a Naturalist

Our last Nature Notebook session was led by my sweet friend Samantha-- Sammi. She wouldn't say it herself, but this fine lady is an expert in all-things-Nature. Her home, her collections, her knowledge all amaze me. She's an extremely inspiring person.

The children listened attentively, took notes & drew pictures. My two little guys look so stinkin' adorable in their shades!

Okay, they listened well most of the time. My LittleLad got distracted by things occasionally, but overall, he stayed very interested.

You should see Sam's collection of animal skulls, skins, furs, preserved creatures, field guides. It was amazing! My boys were in science heaven. Also note, Sam does not ever kill creatures unless they pose a direct risk to her family. I think they once killed a copperhead that was at their mailbox.

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