Tuesday, September 20, 2011

School Year Profiles

Every year I do an "interview" of sorts with the kids, asking about their favorite food, subject, field trip, and so on. This year we decided to add a profile picture and cut-outs of their interests.

For the profiles, I had each child stand in front of the fridge, and I traced his shadow, and then he cut it out.

My MiddleBoy Dash added birds, airplanes, dogs, a game of Twister to his interests.

My OldestBoy filled his interest space with all nature items. No surprise there.

Their handwriting leaves something to be desired, but we're workin' on it. ;)

Here are their answers:

I love OldestBoy's answer to "Favorite place to go"....

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Soaring High said...

this is such a great idea and what memories to look back upon!