Friday, September 16, 2011

Warm and Cool Colors

We snagged the color grid idea from A Faithful Attempt and the warm/cool coloring pages from Awesome Artists. Amazing people with amazing ideas, sharin' the love!

My Girl used some of her own tangram art paper for her warm/color illustration.

The purpose was to show how colors change around each other, how colors strengthen their complementary colors, etc. The older kids got more of that talk, from our art book, and the little boys just sorted crayons according to warm/cool and then colored their pictures. :)

I need to throw in some pics from a recent creek trip with our dear friends:

There's just something so wonderful about seeing children skip around in water, happily exploring.

We were even lucky enough to find a turtle that day! We never take critters home, by the way. At the end of each creek play date, we have a "release the animals" farewell time.

Good-bye turtle!


Mom of 5 said...

That color block idea reminds me of a project I did in college for a color theory class. All year long, everything we did consisted of mixing paint, applying to paper, and then cutting out squares of that paint....then making grids of color in all color themes/schemes. One of our projects was to design a picture using complementary colors out of the color squares and I made a dolphin. Why I have never thought to do something fun like that with my own kids is so I want to!

Jennifer Noble said...

Beautiful work & fun here. Thanks for posting.