Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Chemo is Over!!

My Mimi just had her LAST chemo session!! This is nothing short of a miracle! I'm sure you've all heard of pancreatic cancer and it's prognosis. Which is why I was so upset/ depressed/ shocked when I heard about her diagnosis. But God has been faithful to answer the multitude of prayers that have gone up on her behalf.

The "protocol" for Mimi's situation is a bit different than what we had thought. They will wait for two months to do another CT Scan (on March 17). I suppose they figure that if any cancer is hidden and survived the chemo that it would show up by that time. The next week (March 24) they'll get that report. If there is no cancer, then she will get a CT scan every 4 months for a year and then 6 months the next year and then once a year for a total of 5 years. So keep praying with us that it is in fact all gone. The port will still have to be flushed once a month.

Please pray that Mimi can now regain her strength. She is a very young "old lady" and very fit, enthusiastic, hard-working. They still plan to visit us in Arkansas, probably May 6-21. :-) Woo-hoo.

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