Saturday, January 26, 2008

Weeman Urinal for Mr.T!!

Wow! What will they think of next?
I found this on another blog and I'm just thrilled about it. Really!
Trevor has been using a step stool to go potty. That works okay, but it makes him a bit too tall now. And he's 3-years old, and not really a good aim. Add into that that he has a slight case of hypospadias, and there could be trouble. He has to stand slightly sideways. And don't even think of talking to him when he is peeing, or he's likely to turn and spray the whole bathroom!
So you can see why I get excited about these bright ideas. I'll have to discuss this with Fred. Wise purchase or extravagant? You decide. I think it's neat!


Mandy said...

hmm.. I dunno. I do think it's a neat idea.. but it just reminds me of a potty chair and I hate emptying pee from the potty chair so I'd probably stick with the stool. My son is also 3yrs old and several months ago we got rid of the potty stool. I taught him how to get right against the toilet, and basically lean into it to pee. lol He almost never makes a mess anymore! Sometimes he tries to stand away a bit and 'aim' and he gets it everywhere! So I reteach the stand and lean technique!

WendyJanelle said...

When it was nearing 1am, this seemed like a much better idea. ;-) Now I'm thinking the same thing: yuck. I'd have to clean it. I never used potty chairs. They just don't seem sanitary.
Trev is tall for his age anyway. Maybe if he stands on tippy toes and leans like that, we could also get rid of the step stool...

Ann-Marie said...

Do they make these for grown men?

Not that I KNOW anyone who has a problem with this.

Nope, not me.