Friday, May 23, 2008

Making Craft Books

I always enjoy doing crafts with the kids. It's one of my "green light" activities; one of the things that excites and energizes me. There's just something about ribbon and glue that puts a smile on my face.

Fridays are our craft days. All day. Just crafts. So you see why I love Fridays. We make play dough, sew, paint, scrapbook, you name it. This morning I tried a new playdough recipe, and it worked out great. I tripled the recipe, and used kool-aid for coloring instead of food coloring.

Then we took our crafting supplies outside to the picnic table. Isabelle and Ethan helped me design & decorate little notebooks and journals that we have. I have one for my Bible notes and prayers, and one for each one of the kids, for all of the funny things they say and do...(plus my thoughts on certain matters, that they can read when they are older.) I got the inspiration for this from Simply. :-)

Party Animal notebook is Trevor's, of course:Fred writes in this one, about our family field trips and vacations:This one is empty so far. I don't know if it will be large enough to store my special homemade cards from friends...

This is my Bible/ prayer journal. I'm sure many of you have seen it, back when it was just yellow. Ah, the power of ribbon.
This is my day planner. Might as well give everything a dress-up!
My journal for Isabelle:
My journal for Nature Man, Ethan:


Simply Stork said...

Wow! when you say your gonna craft you mean it :o)

Every one of those are just fab :o)

Great Job!

Now don't just go and stick them on a book shelf...they must be used :O)


Suzanne said...

Very cute Wendy! I also journal for each kiddo and I have one for Allen and one for me personally and one that I carry around to take notes and jot down thoughts. I have about 30 journals full. My goal is to write in one each evening before bed.

I got a camera this week! So I'll start posting some pictures.

Anonymous said...

So how much of the good smelling play dough did Mr. T eat?


WendyJanelle said...

Good goal, Suzanne. I've been trying to write in one each day, too. Which reminds me, I need to write about Trevor. He asked me twice this morning, when it was raining, if we would have a "tomato watch."

Did you read the recipe at the attached link? It is completely edible!! ;-) Which is one reason I make it myself. And, so far, no one has tried it.

Arato Girl said...


MemoryMaker said...

I love these books! I have a journal that I started for each of my children when I was pregnant with them. They aren't all fancy like yours. As they got older it got harder to keep up. I read one not long ago and it sounded like a "moving journal". I guess I just wrote in it for a few years when we moved and I found it again. You have inspired me... I will write in them today!

suzanne (JoyfulChaos) said...

koolaid? - awesome! i haven't thought of that!

the journals are too cute!