Saturday, May 17, 2008

Silver Dollar City

Our little mini-vacation to Branson was about a week ago. The first day was pretty bad. It rained and rained on us. Try walking four little kids around in the pouring rain ALL DAY. They close the rides during storms, so we just stuck to shows, shopping, and eating.

Isabelle looked darling in her Mimi-made skirt, athletic shoes, pink jacket, braid, and polka-dot umbrella. I'm so thankful that she still looks like my little girl. :-)It did finally clear up towards the end of the day, the the kids rode the Lost River ride and some others.

We were able to ride the train, too.

The hotel was HORRIBLE. Seriously, I've never stayed in such a bad place. The carpet was coming away from the wall at the bathroom entrance, and Fred hurt his foot. The room was tiny, with two queen beds crammed in, and one tiny window near the door. And I mean, it was so small and high-up that the kids couldn't even see outside. Argh. I'm a light person!!

There was no shampoo in the bathroom, and no phone book or directory in the room. Man, am I spoiled or was this just really crummy? And no breakfast in the morning-- not even continental.

What really gets me is that I checked this place out. I looked online at pictures, read customer reviews, checked prices.... how could we have such a horrid experience when others seemed to like it so much? Huh.

Anyway, my parents met us there the second day, and the weather was beautiful. Fred rode every ride in the park, and he dragged the bigger kids or my mom along with him. Isabelle and Ethan both rode Thunderation, and hated it. Isabelle and Trevor both rode American Plunge. Isabelle went twice and wanted to go again. My kids aren't very brave, so this totally took me by surprise!

It ended up being a wonderful mini-vacation b/c the second day trumped the first one so well! We did decide to head home after that, though. Who wants to stay in Hotel H*ll, when driving home is just 2 hours away. Andmy precious grandparents were still in town. I'd rather have time with them anyway! :-)


Jennifer P. said...

That looks like SOOOO much fun!

Thank you again for continuing to leave such kind and uplifting comments on my blog. I draw such strength knowing that the prayers of others are still over me and my family.

Jerri Dalrymple said...

Ewww....I was worried about that when you told me the price of the room....anything THAT cheap is too scary to stay in! I hate to be that way, but when it comes to hotel rooms, it's cut and dry, cheap=bad, expensive=great...we try to go in between! :0) Glad the trip turned out good, though! Looks like everyone had a great time!

Anonymous said...

Looks like it was great all over! Fortunately, you weren't forced to spend any more time in your hotel cell. It's great you could get out and just enjoy Branson...even on the rainy day.

WendyJanelle said...

Well, actually, Jerri, it wasn't the rock bottom rate. Branson is pretty competitive, and many of the hotels have similar prices. The one down the street, the Bradford Retreat, was just slightly more expensive and would have been much nicer. The place we stayed had a great view OUTSIDE of the rooms, and had a great location....our room was just lacking. Who knows...maybe we just had a horrible room and others were nicer? Still, I won't stay there again.

Shan said...

Can't wait to take this very trip this year(minus a scary hotel with any luck)with my boys. Looks like you guys had a nice time together.
I checked the paper over this morning for your article. I can't wait to see what scandalous controversy you are discussing. :D Go Wendy!!!

WendyJanelle said...

It came out in the BCR on Sunday, but hasn't yet in the MN or HL. Unfortunately, they only published PART of the letter...they left out the nicer points. Typical! It's online, too, if the suspense is killing you. And, if you are on "the other side of the fence," let me explain where I'm coming from before anyone gets defensive. :-)
There's the disclaimer.

Ann-Marie said...

It sounds like oh, so, much fun!!! I'm jealous (but in a good way).

Sorry about the Bates Motel experience. That happened to my senior class when we went to Washington DC on our senior trip - that hotel was down right scary...ewww...I'm with you!

Great pics of the kids. You're such a natural behind the camera!

Shan said...

I guess I sounded a little impatient in that last comment but today...I CAN wait for things. Bah.
I didn't have to though because your letter was in the pape pare' this morning(that was you I hope). You sounded very clever and informed in it so NICE GOIN!
I can't ever form opinions on tax stuff because the #'s always cornfuse me. I DO appreciate paying fewer taxes whenever possible but I never know quite where the money should come from.
Boy, I really hope that was your letter I read. :]

WendyJanelle said...

I'm sure it was mine. How many Wendys write letters in the local paper about taxes? ;-) It was in the "Letters" section of today's paper.
And, oh, if you only knew all the details... it a messed up system that we are catering to. The problem is allocation of funds not lack of them. They are trying to solve the problem the wrong way.

Trish said...

I think you're right about're never really sure about your hotel, and the prices aren't that much different. At least we all now know to talk to you before we book a hotel there!
So glad you all had a good time.

LJ said...

Glad you had a good time at SDC. Saw your comment on my blog - looks like we were there just weeks apart. We do drive up and back in the same day...if we leave by 7:30, we're there when they open and then we leave to come home around 5:00 or so. Sorry about your hotel to share the name of the hotel? Want to make sure we avoid the place. :-) We stayed overnight during SDC's opening weekend, and didn't have a great hotel stay either (the place was WAY overrated), and we won't be staying there again.