Thursday, May 29, 2008


Fred and I were discussing nicknames today. I'd like to come up with one for each child, to use on the blogosphere. And, yes, we really discuss things like this when we go on walks!
So, anyway, we decided on The Artist, The Naturalist... and then we got stuck for the youngest two boys. I asked the kids what we should call Mr.T.
The Naturalist responds, "Call him the CRAZIEST!"
And then Fred pipes up, "No, we should call him the NUDIST."
Ha! That is pretty funny. The kid takes his clothes off whenever he gets the chance. Still, calling him the nudist on the internet probably isn't any safer than using his real name, is it?


Simply Stork said...

you could always call him..."the running man" My husband(an e.m.t.) always says that no one chases a naked man...and they always run???(lol)


Anonymous said...

I think Mr. T is a renaisance man so maybe Da Vinci?

For Oliver maybe something you hope he will grow up to be?


Mrs Smiley Joe said...

Charlie!!!!! YEA!

Anyway, what about He-Man for T. He'd love it too.

I agree with Charlie about Oliver. Or think of something you love about him and go from there. I think of those cheeks and big smiles and blue eyes. Forever, we just called Isaac Sweet Baby...until the mischief got a hold of him!

I also agree about using nicknames, I'm going to be more adamant about that as well. Thanks, friend!

WendyJanelle said...

I like thos eideas, guys!! I also like The Energizer or Energizer Bunny, which Jerri suggested. ;-) Thanks so much for the ideas.

Simply, My FIL is also an EMT and he thought that was hilarious.

Oliver has chubby cheeks now but, like all my kids, they probably won't last.

He's the hardest one to pick a nickname for...

Suzanne said...

lol. How cute. I'll have to think about what mine would be.

Papaw said...

Mimi suggested nick names for Trevor: "The exuberant one" or "The unkissable." I think "eager beaver" fits.
She'd called Oliver, "handsome lad"--he sure has a winsome smile!

Ann-Marie said...

Nudist! Nudist! Nudist!

I totally vote for it! And why DO they always run?!

Anonymous said...

They run because running naked is fabulous.


Tuff Softies said...

For Trevor I like Dash. Dad says LiveWire.

Tuff Softies said...
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WendyJanelle said...

"Exuberant One" and "Handsome Lad" are both cute. A little old-fashioned maybe, but very cute.

"Nudist" does have a nice ring to it, but I just don't know if I could stick with that. I'll take your excited vote into consideration, Ann-Marie! ;-)

I also like Dash and LiveWire. So many thinsg to consider.

Hilarious comments, guys. Charlie, do you..umm...have experience with this??

Oops-- Mom was still logged in...

Anonymous said...

Well you know things can get wild between semesters at Seminary.


October Dawn said...

How about a veiled reference by calling Trev the "minimalist". Or, you could call him the "escapist" as he seems to have a tendency to get away, or even the "scientist" as it seems he has done some experimenting. I'd even thought of the "pianist" but that may not be completely true...and a little off color. I'll be thinking on that.
For now Oliver is the "littlist" (Yes I know it's spelled wrong, there's a theme here)...or the "easyist", the "shorist", the "friendlyist" hmmm.. I know, I know, something that doesn't need a spelling adjustment.... socialist? in purely non-political sense of course.... linguist? As he does his language study these next couple of years and learns to express himself... I'll think on it some more.

Arato Girl said...

Oliver: Cuddlebug. Cuddlebunny? Or how about just Baby? Or... Ollie?

Trevor: MonsterMonkey, Destroyer of Worlds, Showstopper, The Little Performer, Too Fast-Too Furious, Mr. T

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

I'm just afraid that he would quickly outgrow "Baby" and "Cuddlebunny" (although the latter was also my first thought!)
I really like all the suggestions, but especially "Showstopper." Yep, that fits him to a T!!