Sunday, May 4, 2008

Fred's family

Time is just slipping through my fingers. I'll be out this week, so I won't be able to show you my Wednesday picture until next weekend. In fact, I may not get to post at all for awhile, due to an insane schedule approaching.

Part of today went to portrait time with Fred's siblings. They wanted to get a rare picture with all of them, and the spouses (only me, so far, and Kayla's fiance.)

I think they turned out well.

Here we are... 11 years this year. Can you believe it?

In this picture we have Cindy, Kayla and Eric, older sister Stacy in the middle, and younger brother Justin at the bottom, and me & Fred. Yes, Kayla and Cindy are twins.

I'll be doing the photography for Kayla and Eric's summer wedding, and I'm currently on a mission for a beautiful (and cheap!) dress. The colors are black, white, and red. I'm so dang picky about dresses. It needs to be below the knee. And I only like my shoulders revealed if it's warm outside and I stay outside. Otherwise I just get too cold. I also must wear heels with a dress. It's a given.

I like tube dresses and strappy things on other people, but I have yet to find a bra that will work for me with those kinds of things, and going bra-less really isn't an option right now. Hmmm...


Shan said...

Cute pictures Wendy! :)

Sounds like you are right to start shopping now for that elusive dress. I'm with you on that crazy bra dilemma. Maybe there's a good strapless bra in the high-end market but I've yet to find one in the circuit I'm used to traveling in.

Rhinehart Land said...

Hey Wendy, make sure you check out dilards and jcpenny it's "after prom" time and they mark all their dresses down to like 8.00-15.00! :) they have really pretty black and white ones, long and silky, not poofy and promy... and some really beautiful styles! :)

Just what are those Woods up to? said...

I love the picture!

I love my strapless bra! It's from Dillards; let's go bra shopping soon.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the pictures too! Great!

slk said...

Nice pictures - I love b&w. My son says "look, Mom, old time pictures"! He's 5 :)
Good luck dress-shopping. I hate having to find something specific when I shop, because I can NEVER find it.
Have a great week,

Ann-Marie said...

You have a real gift for photography, my friend! I wish you lived closer, so you could take photos of us and our bunnies!