Wednesday, July 16, 2008

before and after, paint jobs!

I'm making progress! Half of my living room is done (the faster half!) I still need to bring a ladder in and do the top trim, but I'll wait until the weekend when Fred is around and awake. I've fallen off of ladders before.
My sis said it looked beautiful, classic, "like a hotel lobby." Heh, heh. Nice description. Who doesn't love hotel lobbies??

But I have four kids. Small house. I need vibrant color, shapes, fun and cheerful dots, and joyful swirls. It's like a circus in here, so we might as well have the same FUN!

And next is the side wall that leads into the hallway. Plate display from my aunt. The ones in the kitchen are from Dollar Tree. The black iron one in my dining room was a yard sale find. Total cost of two iron plate holders and five single ones: $6 The color is a little off in this picture. The actual color is a bit more vibrant, light and bright, not at all sage.
Next Up--the rug!
Check it out!!! I went shopping today, for last minute birthday stuff for The Artist. This rug beckoned to me. All of the rugs around it were marked down, hundreds of dollars less than other beautiful ones I've looked at. Anyway, this one looked like someone had scrawled "44" on the back. Might as well ask for a price, right? The guy came back, looked puzzled and said there were none of these rugs in stock. It was just a display, and it was misprinted. So they rolled it up and gave it to me for $44!!!!!!!! -- it's about 6 x 8 feet. Love it. :-) The swirls almost look yellowish in my living room, which is awesome for my "spring glow" paint.
Excuse the sideway picture in cluttery living room. Baby was grabbing for the camera. ;-)
It's all coming together. But tomorrow we'll take a break from interior design to celebrate my daughter's 9th birthday!!! NINE YEARS OLD. I don't know whether to laugh or cry (or both!)


Anonymous said...

I guess I was expecting a yellow with "spring glow" rather than a green - can't wait to see it all in person!


Mrs Smiley Joe said...

I'm glad you are getting your "cheerful" on!

Rhinehart Land said...

Happy Birthday Issy! :) I can't belive she's nine too. I didnt' know her and blake were so close in age. :) I have a bunch more clothes for your little tikes I need to bring to you. :)
Love the green colors :) SO bright and cheerful, just like you all!

Shirley said...

I am jealous that you are re-doing and I am barely into the long process of doing. Today, my hubby told me that he prayed for the garden to grow ... and for the house to grow :) I had to laugh!

Your new room colors look great! The rug is awesome, too, and what a deal!

I'll have to try to remember to post about Beth Moore's study after we finish. I, too, just love her stuff. I think Breaking Free and Believing God are still my fav's, but I also love The Patriarch's (haven't done much of her earlier stuff, but I would like to).

Have a blessed day - enjoy your coffee :) Enjoy one for me!!


Simply Stork said...

love the before and after pics...isn't it nice just to change things up a bit...


Ann-Marie said...

I think I'm in love with your rug.

That is so ME (it's also so YOU, possibly making it one of the only things we have in common besides gender, God, and love of Tob).

I love the Before and After photos (truth is I liked 'em BOTH!).

Shan said...

I love your RE DO Wendy! Rats, now I can't remember where I saw it but it was perhaps a fashionable mag yesterday that had a rug much like this one in it. I'll bet they didn't get such a deal on that one. Nice find! I had to walk away from a huge bargain yesterday that was calling my name. It was a dining room table with 8 chairs! It wasn't forty dollars of course though so I had to tell it I hoped to see it again soon on a day when I was a little more flush.

The Johnsons said...

I'm going to be getting rid of my green! It's just too dark, I like your green! I'm going to paint our bathroom and bedroom. I painted the guest bathroom a couple years ago and finished a stained glass on the window. Need to finish the cabinets and hopeful will be finished in there. I guess it's always on going when it comes to redecorating a house! I'm getting ready to start a new stained glass in the master bath. I need to get your schedule this week. It looks like it will be the coolest on Thurs. Let me know what you have going on!

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Shirley-- I also LOVE Believing God. One of my favorites.

Ann-Marie-- good to know we have something else in common! :-) Regardless of our differences, you are awesome and entertaining!! I'm so glad to have you as a friend!!

Lori, I'm sorry-- I've been gone, gone, gone so much lately. This week is SO busy, except for Tuesday and Wednesday. I have a 4-family shoot tomorrow, and a rehearsal and wedding on Thursday and Friday. If Tues or Wed won't work, it will have to be next week.
Sorry!! :-)

One of Us said...

Pretty colors! I have a bright green color in my scrap room and love it. I hope you'll continue sharing your before/after pics of your room re-do.