Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I'm a leper, hear me roar!

The kids have been going to HABC VBS this week. On the first day, The Naturalist came home and told me all about "playing leopard."

He said they put on spot stickers.

And they were sick.

And couldn't see their families.

Aha! Do you mean "leper," Honey?

My sweet Naturalist. It made perfect sense to him that they would have him pretend to be a sick leopard for awhile.

Going Up?

This morning Live Wire ran into the living room completely decked out in prison garb, with a Darth Vader mask, and a cowboy hat on (at least he's clothed, right??) He shouts, "Look at me, Mommy, I'm Elevator!"

By the way, yesterday was a MUCH better day, despite the bad sunburn on the back of my neck. Can't believe I missed getting sunscreen on that much skin! And despite the horrid bee sting on my left foot. On the bright side, I got to spend a couple hours with a dear friend at the pool. And The bee died after stinging me.

(Just so you know, ice and toothpaste are the best remedies for bee sting.)


Arato Girl said...

"Look at me, Mommy, I'm Elevator!"

That is SO hilarious! My first laugh-out-loud moment today.

Have you guys finished The Secret Garden yet?

Ann-Marie said...

"Elevator" cracked me up, too! I hear eating some fruit salad also helps take the sting out! :-)

Anonymous said...

Three very good posts! I really like how you described your awful day in literary style = ) I'm glad your back...and the humor does help even me = )
As for an escape to Illinois... I want to do that! (it was Ann-Marie's suggestion). If my mother-in-law ever gets here (I'm praying for sooner than later), and God grants us a bit of financial stability (pleease) then I personally would love to take you and any one to four of your children, up to see Ann-Marie. I can't take all of our children, and my kids have definitely done more road trips than your I'd love to take you all out to Navy Pier or something too...or the Lincoln Park zoo....seriously.

Anonymous said...

I mean "you're back"

Mandy said...

LOL!! Hilarious!! Omgosh... to be in a child's brain for a day.

Just what are those Woods up to? said...

How cute! Both leopard-boy and the elevader!

Bee stings are awful! If that had been me, my leg would be swelled up to above my knee. I am scared of bees!