Saturday, January 3, 2009

Heir-Raising Tales

Here is a tale I'm going to confide,

A tale of pot-bellied pigs and a pony ride.

Yeah, I can't go on for long in verse

Unless, of course, it is rehearsed.

I know, I know, enough already. Are your ears bleeding?

So today we went to the safari. Our time was short, as we needed to be back by 2pm for my husband (whose nickname will be announced soon) to head to a poker tourney.

We left here a little after 9am. And then, maybe 5 minutes from our destination, our tire blew out. And I mean it BLEW out. It was flopping and rattling, as we drove on the rim into a stranger's driveway.

Let me tell you, God always has our back. The kindest couple came out with offers of help. The gentleman helped my husband change the tire, and offered us room to play in his yard and garages, and then he proceeded to air up our spare and the rest of the tires, to boot! Such unexpected kindness from a stranger. It was a wonderfully noble gesture for my children to witness.

Sooo, on to the animals!

This, my dears, was Little Lad's first-ever pony ride!!

He looooooved it, by the way!

We've never done the pony rides before, because I'm way too frugal to spend $3 dollars for a couple laps around a tree. Outrageous. But today they did all the rides for free!

Again, God cares about all of the little pleasant surprises.

How do you like this fashion statement?

He's going to start trends with the whole snappy-flap hanging out.

My husband has animal magnetism, let me tell you!

The following picture, of my Artist and the rabbit, is dedicated to Ann-Marie.

You always come to mind now, when I see a fluffy bunny!

Hmmm...and this one is dedicated in memory of Sweetheart.
May she live on forever in our hearts!
This was my husband's favorite critter. Seriously.

Just chillin' with the goats.

On to the driving part:
Dash gripped the steering wheel with some trepidation as he maneuvered the rough terrain
(he had a bit of help from his Daddy.)

The drive home was gorgeous. Just amazingly warm, breezy, bright...sigh...

I could live like this year 'round.

My precious angel fell asleep on the way home.

Despite the flat tire and walking around for hours, sunshine gives me renewed energy. SO I cleaned out the van, cooked chili, and played with the boys outside, while hubby and The Artist were at poker. Apparently he didn't fare too well, but I'd still call the day a success.

(And, yes, I can assure you that my title play on words was intentional!)


Suzanne said...

Yes, Sweetheart, God rest her soul. The safari had actually offered to take her and give us free passes. We haven't been to the safari in so long. What fun memories. I recall a man farting in Allen's face, the bear cub biting Makensie, the monkey punching Butch, the Baboon jumpin and denting in the top of the truck, the donkey eating part of my shirt, the back window of the Blazer flying up and open and the ostriches trying to attack times! Yet we still go almost every year.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful day! The pastor mentioned God's control over seasons in church this morning, summer yesterday, winter today! Good thing you went out yesterday! = )

Jerri Dalrymple said...

I'm glad you found such a great way to enjoy the FABULOUS weather! :0)

Ann-Marie said...

Aw, I'm honored! A photo dedicated to me. The bunny is adorable. I think your husband's favorite creature looks like it could have walked straight out of a Star Wars movie! Too funny. I'm glad you enjoyed the weather. Here, it's sleeting ice and spitting snow and 19 degrees of cold. Enjoy the nice temps!