Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The decorating bug!

Okay, come on. You can tell me. What have you been up to?? I know I'm not alone in the household jitteries. Christmas was barely over when I started packing all the stuff away. It's so beautiful and fun to decorate...but then it seems to suffocate me and my house. Just too much STUFF. So away it went, back to the attic and shed to await another crisp November day.

And then it happened. I was bit by the decorating bug. "Things must change," the little critter whispered. "Do this." and then "what about that?"

And before I know it I'm painting and modge podging, and the kids are finger-painting and doing block creations, side walk chalk, and sculptures.

I received some beautiful papers for Christmas.

Remember my philosophies regarding my home? "It doesn't have to be perfect to be Beautiful" (from the Nester, of course,) and "Why NOT?" Anything is fair game if I enjoy it. As long as it makes me smile (and my husband can live with it,) then it passes the test. What freedom and fun!!

This is a pic of the counter side, in progress. See all those scuff marks and doodly drawings? Away they went, under cover of whimsy paper.

And here is the finished project. Something sweet, colorful, cheerful...

I modge podge my stuff on, and then spray it with this wonderful stuff:

Spray it on a nice day, so you can open the windows. This stuff is smelly!

Next I went after the kitchen/schoolroom door. The new color plus Nature Man's rocket picture made it perfect!

Then the sewing table at the end of the hall. It was plain white before. Wish I had thought to take "before photos."

Isn't this fun paper?! Ahhhh.... refreshing.

When I ran out of obvious stuff to glue paper to, I began rearranging, and bringing nature treasures in. I love these wild sticks. Mrs. Smiley and I gathered them on a hike the other day. (I still have yours, by the way.)

Some here, some there, some everywhere, even on the lights. :-) That is definitely a smile-inducer for me. I love nature, sunshine, and God's creation is certainly better than anything I could create to go up there!

Oh, and here's a plate I moved. See the new wire birdie that my sis gave me? I know, it's not a great picture. Trust me, the bird is precious.

So, what have you been up to?
Give me some more ideas! :-)


Dionna said...

I'm with you. I love to get the Christmas decor out but can't hardly wait to put it away again! I feel cluttered.

Jerri Dalrymple said...

You are too cool for words, girl. So, how bout you come over and let those creative juices flow over my walls/furniture? If I attempted that it would look like my 5 year old had gone mad with glue.

Everything is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Wendy.
Sounds like you and I had a similar creative day. I painted a dresser, my front door and colored my hair. The dresser was a dark brown. I painted it white and the knobs brushed silver. It is for Sarah. The door bright red. Maybe to much? I"ll have to see. My hair just covering up the gray that is trying hard to take over. : )

I love seeing all the neat things you do. I think it is great that you just go with what you like.

I love the weather when it gets sunny and warm. It makes me want to get some things done. I am so ready to paint the outside of our house. Nothing bold and different, just a fresh coat of paint.

Hope you all are enjoying your break.
Elizabeth H

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Oh, Ladies, you are so wonderfully affirming. :-) Thank you.

I do "go with what I like," but I have doubts occasionally. Sometimes I think it would be awesome to hear the words, "ohhh, a Dr. Seuss house." I guess it depends on the tone, and who it's coming from. Heh heh

My kids love it. My husband doesn't seem to mind. Every once in awhile he even makes some random and unexpected fantastic comment about my creative juices. :-)

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Ohhh, and Elizabeth. Red is never "too much" for a door!! It's perfect. And, honestly, that's all I've been thinking about now. I want a red door. I even went and priced the paint. Too much right now. But you'd better believe I'll be waiting for a bargain. (Unless you have extra paint to sell??) The dresser for Sarah sounds lovely.

Ann-Marie said...

You are so talented, Wendy! It all looks wonderful.