Saturday, December 20, 2008

Trail Trek, "boy style"

The weather wasn't too bitter yesterday. In fact, it was downright pleasant in the sun. Mrs. Smiley and I took 5 of our boys for a nature hike. Boys have their own way to do everything.
Here our journey begins...

This is our "official" lookout.

Rock-throwing-- Is there anything better??

Even Mrs. Smiley's baby got in on it.

Deer tracking
Vine swinging, Tarzan-style (by the way, check out Nature Man's shirt. My grandparents ordered it for him from this great site. It says "Super Homeschool Student.")

Climbing...ahh, well he has to get that extra practice somewhere ;-)

Guess who fell in the water? Nope, it wasn't this little guy...
Field-running Nice wide open spaces Heading home as the sun starts to set
Hope you all enjoyed some good weather and got out in the fresh air before it turned bitterly cold again. Ayaya, I hate to be cold. I'm shivering right now, wearing two shirts, a jacket, jeans, and slippers. Brrrrrr.....

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