Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mr. Sucky

We like to have fun. We bake cookies ALL the time. We can often be caught doing schoolwork in costumes. Or dancing to Jack Johnson music. Or "shaking our sillies out."

And I love keeping up with the house, but it just wasn't *FUN* anymore. Not until now.

Enter Mr. Sucky (yes, he actually has a nametag that reads, "My name is Mr.Sucky the Sucker." The Nature Man named him.)

Oh, yeah, he's a bLASt!!


Ms Debbie said...

now, I like Mr Sucky. I also think that may be promoting literacy!

Just what are those Woods up to? said...

Mr. Sucky's cute!

Owen would probably like it if I turned our vac into some kind of monster that chases people

Mrs Smiley Joe said...

That name wouldn't phonetically work for my two youngest. Dangerous!! ;)

Julie said...

How fun. What a neat idea.

Mimi said...

Your new cleaning machine looks great!!! Do the children like to use it? Tell me more about it.
Did I tell you that I loved the couple pictures of all three of you sweet sisters. Glad you can have those special times together. Lots of love, Mimi

Ann-Marie said...

One of my rabbits has a crush on our vacuum cleaner. Whenever I run it, he chases it all over and tries to climb on it! It's an exciting love affair, and now I'm going to have to name our vacuum! Mr. Sucky - hilarous!!!

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

I hope so, Debbie.

Jules, I'm seriously considering turning EVERY broom, mop, etc into creatures, just for the heck of it. Really.

Mrs. Smiley!! Funny! We always had the most trouble with the word "truck." And there were trucks everywhere that they would point out to people!!!

Mimi, it's actually my mom's cleaner. I borrowed it because mine has gone on strike. Yes, the kids love it.

Ann-Marie, now that is just weird. Your rabbits are kinda psycho, huh? Like my sister's baby who attacks her vacuum.