Sunday, December 7, 2008

Well, poo

Okay, so I didn't make it even a full 24 hours. Why? Because I got too many emails regarding the last post. ha! So you do read!

Yes, I'm okay. No, I'm not mad at anyone. No, I didn't mean that you cannot email me (which was a funny question to receive in an email.) I left off the pronoun. Oh, those ridiculously necessary pronouns. I meant that I would not be emailing, calling, or visiting. Or at least that I will not feel obligated to. And, yes, you can certainly drop food by my house tomorrow. I think that covers all of the questions.

Everyone once in awhile I get so much on my plate that I feel overwhelmed. Too many things come up at once. Too many demands on my time, and emotional strains at once. And the flight reaction kicks in. I want to shut down, run away, and be alone for about a week. Ever feel like that? No? It's just me?

So I canceled everything this week. Except the field trip on Friday that we are all looking forward to. I want to focus this week on things that really need my attention. I don't want to worry about any extra activities, needs, plans.

For one thing, The Artist has suddenly started asking some very pointed questions. I knew it was coming. She is in 3rd grade after all. And I want all of her information to come from me. But I was unprepared when the comments and questions started coming. She's still my baby!! Now I feel the need to formulate a plan, and handle this wisely. I don't want to say the wrong thing and warp her for life. (Hence the reason for the new survey question on the left hand sidebar)

I also feel the need to organize my time better. Too many things come up, and I let them in my life without giving it much thought. We need to be more intentional. But I can't even formulate my plan, rewrite my schedule, plan our holiday activities because I'm never home!!! That is going to change.

I asked God to help me have some resolve and just back off for a week. And then I got the stye. Yeah, it looks bad. It's uncomfortable. And it's keeping me home. And guess how long it lasts? You guessed it: one week. God is good.
(I'm not being sarcastic.) He knew I needed some more motivation to just stay home and focus. :-) I'll save you the pain of an eye photo. It's not pretty. (I also have mastitis, so I'm feeling very rundown... and I'll save you from pictures of that as well!)

Sooooo, there you have it. You can email. I may answer, I may not. You can call. I probably won't answer, but I still love you. Call and leave an urgent message if it's important. I'll put my sign "We're busy with SCHOOL." on my front door. And maybe my other sign, too: "Solicitors will be shot. Survivors will be shot again." I can't stand solicitors.

This one week we will be home. Glorious home. No cub scouts, plays, drive-through events, homeschooling functions, extended family functions, MM, church things ....nope, just HOME. I love my home. And I don't get to enjoy it as often as I should. And the kids-- oh, we do so many FUN things, so many school things...but there are so many other things that I would love to incorporate and focus on. So many gift ideas, craft ideas, and other homeschooling resources that we own, that I don't even have time to look through.

Time is such a precious commodity. I've always loved the quote: "Children need quality time; quantities and quantities of it!"

Enjoy your time!!


Anonymous said...

Do not worry too much about the sex talk. Use the small teachable momments that come up. Be sure you are answering the questions she wants you to answer. I remember when I asked a question about sex and my mom told me things that I do not want to know now (at 43). Let one question lead to another until your artist gets the information she is wanting. One large in depth talk can be confusing with too much information for some. An open discussion that can stay open, so little bits can be digested is how I teach my fifth grader. We have also told him that he should bring us any question. We will give him the correct information without any embarrassment.
Sorry about the mastitis. I remember that it hurts. Get better soon.

Jerri Dalrymple said...

I agree with Charlie about not giving too much info at once, HOWEVER, with girls it is a little different. With young girls starting their cycles earlier and earlier, I felt the need to have that part of "the talk" at the age of 9-10. I know some girls start at 9 years of age (which seems WAY too young!) and I didn't want my oldest to be caught off guard, like I was at 13!!! By the way, my oldest, who is 13 now, just started, so the early talk...well, to each their own. I have an 11.5 year old who has not asked near as many questions, which is kind of scary. She simply does not want to know. Unfortunately, not wanting to know won't keep it away (so much for the "Ignorance is bliss" theory! LOL). Anyway...I just know I wouldn't want my daughter to think she was dying or something if she did get surprised at an early age. I have a whole set of some really great books that I have used, if you would like to borrow or look at them let me know. They are great and each geared for different ages. The author even talks about not giving too much info at certain ages. There is also a parent book. I went just last week and bought the last 2 books in the series since Kingdom Bound is going out of business. HTH!

Jerri Dalrymple said...

BTW: The "sex" part of "the talk" can definitely wait a while, but the books I spoke of are very gentle and have such a loving and God-ly way of explaining it!

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Charlie!!! I've missed you!!! So good to "see" you again!

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

I have a book called "Why do Birds build Nests?" that I think I'll use. It's very gentle, tame...but explains some very basic info.

Her questions started with "why do horses get on top of each other?" I tried to explain that they were "mating," and that's how they make babies. The line of questioning continued with "is that how people do it?" ....which I did NOT expect to answer like that. I tried to explain, ever so briefly and carefully, that a man and woman together make a baby and that the baby then grows in the mother's womb. I assumed that would be enough for now. But it wasn't. She asked how the man and woman together make a baby. At that point The Nature Boy came in and I told The Artist we'd have to discuss more later. So I'm trying to decide how to proceed slowly and carefully, just answering enough.

I appreciate your suggestions!!!
And, Jerri, I haven't yet explained about periods. I didn't start that young, so I'm waiting awhile on that talk. It may come up sooner than I'd like, though...