Sunday, December 14, 2008

Surprise Lobster

Well, my HH (hot hubby) is getting old.

And how better to celebrate than with a true SuRpRiSe party! The Artist and I have been planning it for months. She's such an angel. She even sent out emails reminding people about the time and to "not tell Daddy."

HH thought just our family was eating at Red Lobster. That in itself is a BiG deal since we are fairly broke (4 kids + homeschool/ one income= no money.) And it's always a big thing to take four kids to a restaurant. (They were fabulous, by the way!)

I told the kids that this was a big special event, so we would be dressing fancy. My Nature Man to his sister: "Oh, I know where some 'fancy' dress-up girl clothes are that we can wear!!" Uh, no. Not what I had in mind. Anyway, he is fancy enough with these long lashes of his!!

Little Lad woke up from his nap with his hair like this! So I did what any mom would do, and hair sprayed it before we left!!

When we arrived and all of the family and friends poured in, he truly was surprised. Yea! I had called several days in advance to make sure they could set the 25 of us up together, and in a separate room. Everything went according to plan. In fact, we got an extra treat when a waiter took lobsters out of the tank for the kids to pet. Nice touch!!--literally.

Of course, Nature Man was the first to brave the creature.

It was great to have so much family together at once. Even HH's mom and dad both arrived and got along!
As an extra treat, I got a triple berry sangria. (They don't list the recipe for this one, but I imagine it isn't too different from this recipe, which also sounds delicious.) If you haven't tried one, you are missing out! YUM. Of course, my husband ordered the everything-fried-platter. (ugh) When he got his food, we all sang happy birthday and he blew out the candle that I'd stuck in his mashed potatoes. Fun, fun. I can't sing, but I sure do like to party. :-)

For part of his birthday gift, my folks got HH The Encyclopedia of Immaturity. He loves it. This for a man that can't be serious to save his life.

Laughter really is great medicine.

The weather was fantastic today, so we stopped by a big park on our way home and let the kids work off some of their extra restaurant calories.


I was worried that they'd throw up on the way home, after all of the swinging & spinning (that has happened to us before!!) My HH didn't seem too concerned.

Little Lad tames the wild

Then home to roast marshmallows and put those calories right back on. Can't beat that.

Here, Daddy, for your "birfday."

Ahhh....what a great day.

Coming soon: "what I learned on my 'week off'," and "home management makes a come-back," and "If Mama ain't happy..."


Mrs Smiley Joe said...

Oh,I'm so glad everything went sooo great!! That's awesome. Yay for a great birthday surprise...not easy to pull off with so many people involved!!

BTW, we've had a waiter bring us a lobster to play with too. My kids loved it, however the tables and people near us got sprayed with water when it flicked its tail (several times) and water went everywhere. Funny to us. Not them. Oops.

Love, love the pics of the kiddoes!!

Jerri Dalrymple said...

I'm glad Fred had a great birthday! There's nothing like family, friends, and food to celebrate the big 3-0! :0) I'm glad you and the kiddos got to enjoy that great weather, too, since now it is SO SO COLD! I can't wait to see your future posts you mentioned! Have a warm and cuddly day! :0)

Ann-Marie said...

Happy birthday to Fred! Way to pull off a great surprise, Wendy! Sounds like it was a wonderful time - and I hope everyone got some of those yummy cheddar biscuits. Oh, I could die for one of those right now!

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Ann-Marie...yes, we ate lots of biscuits! And even brought a whole box of them home.
Try this recipe:
It's pretty close!

Arato Girl said...

Tiny little Julie ate more biscuits than I could believe possible for her size. Ha ha. I'm telling on you, Julie! I'm so glad everything worked out. I'd love to try triple berry sangria when I can safely drink again. Things I'm gonna do when I'm done giving birth and all that good stuff: roller coasters and yummy alcoholic drinks. Within reason and not at the same time, of course ;-)
It's totally insane how nice it was and how it SUDDENLY got f-f-f-freeezing! But I'm glad because it forces Vu to stay home and rest. We're both sick, but it's hitting him harder at the moment. Either than or he's farther along on the sick train. In which case I'll be the one incapacitated in a couple of days and he'll be boiling ME water for tea....

Just what are those Woods up to? said...

I LOVE those cloe-up pics of the kids!

I'm so glad Fred had a good bday. Good job scheming, Izzy!