Monday, December 8, 2008

Happy Birthday and sister pictures

(Here I am--on a People Break [more accurately, an "OUTING BREAK"]-- and I'm blogging every day. Go figure. But it's because I want to. No obligations. No demands on my time except the ones I set. For one week. Ah, to be home. We're never all home on a Monday night!!)

Yesterday was my youngest sister Amy's birthday!!

Happy Belated Bloggy Bday, little sister!!

We all celebrated together with Italian cuisine on Friday night. A large crowd of Amy's buds came, the manager came out to greet us all, wish Amy a happy birthday, and then time to wine and dine. Fun, fun.

Birthday girl (and baby in utero) and her hubby Vu
Sister Julie and Hubby Adam (And here is a link to her post about the evening.)

Me and My hot hubby (I've got to come up with a good nickname!!)

And, yes, I realize that we all look alike. :-)

**edit** After the dinner, hubby and I hightailed it back to town so I could make it to a chick flick with Mrs. Smiley. It's hard to take a good photo in the dark, in a "truck" at nearly midnight.


Shirley said...

I'm sure your hubby doesn't think you need to come up with a nickname :)
Looks like a fun time - hope you are enjoying your break!

Mrs Smiley Joe said...

And it was such a good chick flick. No, I'm not obsessed...a lot...Seriously, I was gonna have to go alone...Thanks for coming with me!!!!

Shan said...

"Sisters...sisters....never been a something something sisters".... Well, I can't remember the words but surely you girls sing that song with each other. How nice to have them! And birthdays for little ones! And chick flicks too!! It's all good enough to bring a girl out of hiding isn't it? :D

And believe me I get that hide from the world feeling all too often! It is just what happens when you overload and systems start shutting down.

Hope you are having a good lower stress week!

p.s. Yeah for new babies in the family too!!!! :)