Monday, May 17, 2010

1000s of Blessings

I'm choosing to give thanks for a 1000 gifts over the course of the next few months;
I want to be aware of the amazing blessings in my life, the opportunities I have,
talents He has given me, beauty that surrounds me...
all the ways that God amazes me.

Today is the perfect day to start!
I must mention the biggest, most important blessings right off the bat.
#1-4: My kids. Each so unique, full of energy and personality:

The Artist: quiet; introspective; artistic & imaginative;
my helper and a cuddler of babies,
lover of horses;
a little girl who quietly desires to be a young lady

Nature Man: lover of all creatures, great and small; thoughtful and creative;

detail-oriented, precise; weaver of tales,
builder of great lego castles and mighty ships

Dash: full of energy and spirit; bouncy and hyper; loves to make others laugh,
(even if it means he'll get into trouble in the process!);

friendly and confident; loves to dance, sing, move

Little Lad: Joyful! This is the happiest, silliest little guy you'll ever see;
he sings and dances,
skips and prances!

Never a dull moment for this toddler boy.
He especially loves to play with, follow, and imitate Big Brother Dash!

I'm so thankful for these kids.
And so thankful for the wonderful weekend we had. Papaw, Mom, and Dad went with us to the Philbrook Art Museum, Casa Bonita, and the Tulsa Zoo.

Have fun this week! Enjoy your kids!
Take a walk, paint a picture, say an encouraging word, sing, dance.
Be the change you want to see in the world.


Ms Debbie said...

Love love love your pictures with these blessings.

Soaring High said...

this is beautiful.

Jerri Dalrymple said...

You DO have some exceptionally great kids and they have an equally exceptionally great mommy!!!

Anna K. said...

Loved this top to bottom...from the pictures to the descriptions of your children's personalities!