Saturday, May 1, 2010

Turn tights into knee or thigh highs

I've been coming across the most adorable girl tights, but always in the wrong size for The Artist or my little niece.

Sooo, I decided to MAKE them work.
These were 12-month tights, but I was quite sure that the sock part would fit my 2-year old niece Scarlett, so I decided to simply turn them into thigh-highs. (Future Plan: If the sock part doesn't work, I'd just cut it off, and turn them into leg warmers. Same concept.)
(side notes: 1- you can click on any photo to enlarge it & 2- I'm quite sure there are other, more detailed and exact tutorials out there for this, so feel free to search around if the idea is new to you and you need more help!)
Step 1: Cut off the legs of the tights, straight across the top, as pictured.

Cut an even number of hearts, any size and shape, from the leftover top section.
None of my tutorials are exact. Deal with it. Get creative. Make it your own. Or go somewhere else for help. Just don't give up before exploring the possibilities! :-)
Step 2: Turn the stocking inside out. Now fold the top edge of the stocking down. Sew elastic (hand or machine) along the inside folded part of the stocking (which is now out facing you.) Try not to stretch the stocking at all, as you sew.

Turn stockings right-side-out. Next layer the hearts up the side of each stocking (the side that will be facing out to the world) and sew straight through the middle of them.

You're done!

It REALLY is that easy, the only part that might be tough at first is to make sure you're not stretching the sock while you stitch around the cuff. Also, a small zigzag stitch seems to work best since it has a bit of give to it.

Isn't she adorable??

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Syndi said...

Great idea! Those are adorable and so is she.

Catherine Anne said...

We do this too... So Cute

Just what are those Woods up to? said...

Terrific! We love them!

Lenetta @ Nettacow said...

Super cute, and I love reusing things like this! I linked on my weekly roundup. Great project!