Saturday, May 29, 2010

Taking Delight

These have just been good days. Nothing big has happened, but life just seems to be coasting smoothly along, with all of us enjoying each other.

I've made it a point to slow my life down. Too much outside activity stresses my Man, which stresses me, which stresses the kids, (I'm sure...though they show it through bickering and other misbehavior.)

We've been over-socialized for some time. I'm learning to step back, to say no, to allow other people the opportunities that I believe I needed to take, whether it be teaching Sunday School or being a volunteer coordinator. Enough for now. Too much of a good thing is a burden on me, and on my family.

These last few beautiful days have been slow, perfect, tranquil. These are the times that I always want to remember:

Little Lad brought his big brother a favorite book. Nature Man immediately stopped what he was doing, and sat down to read it to the little guy. Awwwww....

Nature Man has been finding more 4- and 5-leaf clovers than I thought existed. He comes in with handfuls all the time. I love his observation skills and attention to detail. Nothing escapes him.

Even the naughtiness of a 3-year old became such a cute moment. He pushed his brother in the pool and had to sit in Time-Out. Oh, the drama.

He quickly forgot about his sour mood, and tried to "wrap his toes up for presents." Almost unbearably cute!We went to the park-- just me and the kids. This is so rare; we always meet friends for playdates, but this time I wanted to fully focus on the kids. Right away, a bunny crossed our path. The Artist Girl stopped to point it out to her little brothers. Another "awww' moment for me.

Taking silly pictures outside with the kids, as they swam in their little pool.

i just love them all

I've been trying to stay home more in the evening, too, which the Man loves. We watch movies together while I sew or craft. Whipped this up last night:
Excuse the unpressed seams and unclipped threads. I was in a rush to snap the picture and head to bed before midnight. Do you recognize the material? It's upholstery fabric that was being used as a curtain under the TV to hide my electronics in the living room. ;-) It needed a new purpose, and I'm happy with the results.

I hope we all have a chance to slow down, relax, and enjoy these summer days. Childhood goes by way too fast. Enjoy the chubby toes, innocent awe, splashing, giggles...


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Trish said...

Oh! I am so going to make one of those skirts... I love, love, love summer skirts and this pattern looks like something even I could do... No curves, just straight seams. My kind of sewing. Thanks for the picture!

Caseybumpinalong said...

Found your blog thru your comment on Barb's Nature blog. I love your skirts! I'm just learning how to sew so I'm looking forward to reading about more of your projects. I'm a jeans girl, so I love the idea of trying something different for a change.