Monday, July 12, 2010

14 Days in Texas

I didn't do much blogging from the road, did I? Well, we're back now. It was the most fabulous First-Family Vacation that I could have imagined.

I have about 2 thousand pictures. No, I am not kidding. I just spent $40 to get a ton of them printed up.

And now that I'm back, with amazing memories under my belt, I do not feel like blogging. I know, right? It's not fair to withhold the good stuff. You see, I journaled it all. In 14 days, I wrote 22 pages about where we were, who we were with, and the funny things that happened along the way. I wrote and wrote and wrote, while we were driving between places. So my memories are recorded in awesome detail, and I can't bring myself to write it all over again, just yet.

I will give you the quick run down, though!

Day 1 We drove to Austin, TX and spent the night. Quite a drive with a 10-,8-,5-, and a 3-year old. Two of them rode in Mom and Dad's car and the other two in our car; we rotated when kids started bugging each other. For the most part, though, they used the activity bags we had packed for them, watched the portable DVD players, and slept.

(I could use some powder.)

Day 2 We went to San Antonio, to the Alamo, Riverwalk, the huge mall and Dinosaur Museum. I love San Antonio. I love the Riverwalk. And, truly, I want to move near that area someday. Love, love it. That night we went to my great-uncle & aunt's house. So huge and amazing. The kids played in their back courtyard for hours.

Day 3 Headed to South Padre. As soon as we got onto the island, we turned into the first beach access in sight, and ran into the water, clothes and all. I've fervently missed the ocean. We went every summer when I was growing up, and it's really become a part of me. Found the condo after that. Love that place. Large living room, full kitchen and laundry room, two bedrooms, two baths, and only a skip to the shoreline.

Days 3-10 South Padre bliss

On Day 5 of vacation we had major hurricane weather Watching the weather guy stand right on the beach we had just been on.We ate at Parrot Eyes, Blackbeard's, Pier 19. We visited the Nature Conservatory, Sea Turtle Rescue, Dolphin Study place at Port Isabel, Pirate's Landing... and so much more.

Days 10-13 Lake House in Horseshoe Bay, TX. Simply amazing. Awesome boat, two jet skis, pedal boat, incredible home and waterfall pool. We had such gracious hosts!! It was such a blessing to head straight there after leaving the beach.

Days 13-14 Drove to Austin to bring Papaw to the airport. Drove to Waco, to a hotel. Dinner out, resting time, and Mayborn Children's Discovery Museum the next day. First the Lego Castle, and then the actual museum. That place is amazing, interactive, and reasonably priced! Stop, if you get the chance. At around 1:30pm, we started for home, and made it back before 9pm, despite some heavy thunderstorms on the way back.

I've started to understand Texas pride. I love that place. I love the cleanliness, the friendliness, the history, and the beauty. Granted, I went to a lot of tourist attractions, but that doesn't change my five star rating. I've been to a lot of tourist-y places in the US, and Texas ranks high on my list.

There were only five things that I didn't like about Texas...

stay tuned for the next episode...


Catherine Anne said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful time. Loving all the photos here~

Trish said...

We love, Love, LOVE San Antonio too! It is one of the most doable places for a family trip... And, I was born in Texas. It's a good place :-)

Syndi said...

Looks like an amazing place! Makes me want to go too.