Friday, July 30, 2010

Horse-themed pre-teen party

Did you see that title? PRE-TEEN. Yes, it's an official description for my daughter now. She is 11...but not going on 18. My precious girl is sweet, innocent... still naive and natural. She doesn't have any interest in the latest bands or fashion trends. She couldn't care any less about make-up or jewelry. She has never been interested in baby dolls or Barbies. Her one true passion-- horses-- has retained its hold since she was old enough to say "hosie."

I let her plan this party herself, choose the colors, invite the kids she plays with. She didn't want to dress up. Okay. That's fine. She wanted to draw the horse for the pin-the-tail game. Great! She wanted to decorate with her own collection of Breyers, horse books, signs. Sounds perfect. She wanted to play Pony-opoly, have a horse quiz, have time to use the Playroom upstairs, and eat cake. Love it.

It was a small, sweet party. She invited 7 kids.

Love, love, love this girl! And she has the sweetest little friends!


Arato Girl said...

Sounds perfect for Izz-a-bit! She'll remember this one as extra-special because she planned it--good call! I still see her as that adorable little baby yet I'm also so proud of the young lady she's becoming.

sara's art house said...

What a sweet party!!!!!!!!!!!!

Soaring High said...

She sounds like such a sweet sweet girl. It's so neat you let her "have the reigns" on party planning! Looks like she had a great time.

Shirley said...

LOVE it! I bet if we lived closer together, our girls would be friends :) You described my girl to a T. May God continue to bless her!

Anonymous said...

Is that the sweetest party you ever saw! Made me smile out loud! Love it!

Happy Birthday, Isabelle!

Love, N