Sunday, July 18, 2010

Family Week

I've been having a difficult time lately, deciding what to blog about. By the time I make up my mind and actually sit down, while the kids are occupied, a thousand other things have happened, and my previous motivation for the topic has waned. I blame the heat.

Sooo, I suppose I'll resort to my quick recaps again, rather than the topical post I was planning to write.

I told you about our awesome, amazing, burned-forever-in-my-mind vacation. This was a BIG deal for our family. Seeing as how we're below the poverty line, and we waited 13 years to take a family vacation, we're just thrilled about how long and perfect it was. More later on how all of that was possible for us.

San Antonio River Walk

Yesterday was my eldest's birthday. The Artist is now 11-years old. Seems impossible. She was born 7.17.99 at 1:46pm, 6 days after her due date, and weighed in at 6lb 4oz. I was in labor for two miserable days with that girl, but it was worth every second. She was a difficult, demanding baby, probably because we made her that way, being anxious first-time parents. As soon as the child could walk, at 10-months, she became happy-round-the-clock.

My Artist uses all of her free time to write stories, draw pictures, and research horses. She is extremely self-motivated and helpful. Great for me that she is the oldest child!

The girl requested a cookie cake, rather than a traditional cake. And she asked that it be served alongside chocolate chip fudge brownies. Oh me, oh my. Chocolate overload. She is her Daddy's girl.

This was just a family celebration. Her little friend party will be in a week or so.

Little brothers worked diligently, without being reminded, and made their sister cards. My Nature Boy even saved his piece of candy, from the day before, to put inside of her birthday card. It's moments like that that melt my heart.

After the little party, Mom and Dad came over to play with the kids, so Fred and I could go to their house and have a game night with my sisters and their hubs. Amy and Vu brought Ransom along. We brought The Artist with us, so she could play some games before bed.

Then today, after church, we went to Papaw's house for lunch. Papaw is something of a protege in the kitchen. Mimi trained him well, and he has taken over the task with an enthusiastic diligence that she would be proud of. His Summer Garden Pasta was fabulous today (served with fresh sour dough bread, and pineapple bran muffins for dessert.)

Artist Girl helps Papaw grate the cheddar
Nature Boy grates the Parmesan
...and shows Dash how to do it, too.
Summer Garden Pasta

And then we came home & filled up the little pool in the front yard. Seeing as how there are heat advisories here for temps up to 105-110 degrees, I'm only letting the kids outside if they are in water. After a day of being mostly cooped up, this was welcome relief.

How many kids can you fit in a little kiddie pool?

Staying hydrated

Our playdates lately have been in the morning, before heat hits hard, or indoors.

I love this picture.
My Artist Girl and her sweet friend help Oli cross the monkey bars. Aww

I'm on a School-Prep kick, and a Paper Doll kick. Will show you plans soon.

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Soaring High said...

precious precious family times. WOnderful memory building.