Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cooking Club: Greek theme

I know I've mentioned cutting down on social calls and activities... however, I'm not ready to give up Cooking Club. Not only do I enjoy cooking, but it benefits my family when I gain extra experience.

Lamb gyros with tzatziki, stuffed grape leaves, bread with dip (oil, balsamic vinegar, herbs), tomatoes, Greek dressing with bread, Greek salad, two kinds of wine, and baklava!

I discovered a wonderful little meat market in the next town over, on the way to my sister's house. Lo and behold, they had lamb! Better yet, I got it for $6/lb, which is not at all bad for great lamb meat.

I followed this recipe, which really took me most of the day. Plus, I decided to make baked Italian salmon and fried potatoes and onions for the Man and kids. Doesn't seem right to make a huge, delicious meal and then cart it off, leaving my family to fend for themselves. So, my day was spent almost entirely in the kitchen, aided by various "helpers." Thankfully, my kids actually enjoy peeling potatoes, washing herbs, and using the mixer. (I know the day may come when it loses it's "specialness" for them, so I'm trying to savor this.)

If you're interested, start your own Cooking Club! The one we have going has 7 people. The line-up rotates: main dish, appetizer, drinks, alternate, fruit or veggie side dish, bread, dessert. If someone drops out or moves away, then we decide who to initiate into the group. The person who has main dish that month, is the hostess and picks the theme. I was hostess this month, and chose a Greek theme. It's a lot of fun, and helps us branch out, and try new things.

Brittany, Megan, me, and Tracy

And, from the other side: Tracy, Rochelle, Julie, Brittany (with Ramsey), and Megan

Hope yours was a fun weekend!


Tracy said...

i'm craving more baklava now!!

Catherine Anne said...

Looks like a wonderful time