Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Button Letters

I've decided to USE the art supplies lining my art shelves and cupboard.
For me, sunshine revives the creative spirit. :D
Below, progress on my button letter W. This was done on a large heavy watercolor art paper, to support the weight of the glue and buttons. Canvas would have been a good option also.

My work area...

I'm sure my daughter would have sorted the buttons by color or size first, and arranged her chair "just-so," but I don't work like that. I dump stuff out and start working while the excitement and motivation are still in their feverish stages.

These buttons hold memories. Many of them were my Mimi's. Some of them are parts of sets that she used on clothes for me or my kids. There are fimo beads that I made one summer as a teen... number beads, for our family size... buttons that came off of worn-out favorite old clothes... some from friends and some from yard sales.

I have a slight button fetish.

The finished design, hanging at the end of my hallway. It measures 12 x 18 inches.


Cerise said...

That looks really great! Such a fun way to display your collection. I might have to do the same with mine.

Soaring High said...