Friday, March 9, 2012

First Hike in March

On March 4th, we drove out to a nice trail for our first March hike. Have I mentioned that this is my favorite time of year? When the trees start budding, birds start singing...when we can get OUTSIDE again and run off the pent-up energy. It seems every month gets better and better from March to September (obviously, I am not a cold-weather gal!!)
My crew managed to cross the creek (necessary on this trail) with only one little foot going in the water. Amazing.
Middlest sweetheart searches out heart-shaped rocks for me. This goofball has a heart of gold, I tell you!

Owl pellets, found along the trail. We couldn't take any, as this is a state park, but we enjoyed pointing them out to other hikers.

Me, and my Man

I'm a firm believer in fresh air, exercise, and exploration!

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Jenny said...

I love finding heart shape rocks! What a sweetheart you have. I've never found one that big.