Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Nature-Inspired Art

We took a wonderful day trip to Devil's Den on Sunday, knowing that the storms were
supposed to be hitting our area this week. Might as well get in some sunshine and dirt-lovin' before being confined to the house.

My kidlings have become expert heart-rock finders... and even bark-heart-finders. You can see them everywhere, if you only look. Isn't that the key? Blessings become blessings when you recognize them as such?

The caves were still closed (perhaps permanently?) but we hiked up to them anyway and enjoyed the view, and the cold air drifting out.
My Middlest boy tried to climb some of the larger boulders...it's harder than it looks, believe me. I did my best, but didn't make it up as far as he did. Must bring the right gear next time! ;)

After the hike, we let them wade out into the river, to search for rocks. They cooled down, and we were able to sit and relax for a bit. Win-win.
I drew the trees, the flowers, basically anything I saw.

There is such inspiration in nature. The tiniest bug, the most common flower...they are all amazing and wonderful.

I'd actually forgotten my brown and black pens, so it was color only. I'm okay with that.

What inspires you? Where do you work? I'm finding that I'm most comfortable drawing when other "issues" are out of sight. Working in the car, when my Man is driving, is perfect. We talk, I work, there are no pressing issues.

Working outside is my favorite, even with the wind and insects. The nature-ness just adds to the atmosphere.

One place I canNOT work is in my kitchen, as I get too distracted thinking about what I need to do, clean, cook. It's my household hub, not my place to shut down and relax.

As the weather continues to get warmer, I plan to set a daily outdoor art time for the kids and myself. I work more regularly when it's officially on the schedule!

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K-Sue said...

I just Pinned your WHOLE BLOG because it is so full of things I love, want to try, want to teach. Thank you!