Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Nearly Turkey Day!

 What do you do the week of Thanksgiving? Turkey crafts, of course!
And lots of talking of thankfulness, while crafting. :)
You have your pinecone & leaf crafts.
 Then there's the family handprint turkey craft....

 I didn't realize just how huge my Man's hands are until we did this.
And My Girl's hand is now about the size of mine. {sigh}
The days may pass slow, but the years pass so fast.

  (Cutting is such a great fine motor skill activity for the kindergartner, too!)

Next you have your pinecone and scrapbook paper craft...
 Hard-working little guy,
cutting, pasting, choosing colors...
 Coming along quite nicely. Good thing I have a crazy amount of googly eyes in my stash!

Someday I'll have a resource room {dreamysigh} and a big 'ol drawer will be dedicated to googly eyes!
 Bright, happy, dotty turkeys!!
Enjoy your Turkey Day,
and remember all you have to be thankful for!

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