Friday, November 16, 2012

The gathering of a group

One of my dearest besties lives about an hour away, so we don't get to hang out as often as I'd like. Recently, we went to see October and her kids, for her birthday.
Yes, her name is October
and nooooo, she was not born in October.

Her kiddos are the short ones in black shirts, and mine are the tall and colorful children. ;)
By golly, you can tell which of my children is ALWAYS photo-ready, huh?
Not a bit shy, that one.
 These are our trying-to-get-the-herd-together photos that my very
NON-photographer husband decided to snap.
I'm thankful. Really.

I love that little Miss Liana put my Oldest in her place.
They're like sisters, those two. Good for both of them.

Someone--*ahem*-- always has to be the center of attention!

We're proof that opposites attract.
My darling non-make-up, casual attire, public school teacher friend with
me, a colorful eclectic paint-my-make-up-on-for-fun kinda homeschooler.

We fill in the gaps for each other!
We've been through shed-building, bike-fixing, baby-having, you-name-it together.
Love this girl like a sister!

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