Monday, November 5, 2012

Mama Moments

You see that, up there? That's my boy, about to catch the ball.
I should make it very, very clear to you that we are not a "sports family." Sure, my husband is obsessed with football.... but me?
I couldn't even tell you how many points a touchdown is.
(Yeah, he's ashamed of me.)

So, anyway, my kids did a stint with Tball and soccer
(I am NOT a sports mom, and have no desire to do that again.
We prefer bicycling, running, swimming, tennis, hiking, rafting, caving....)
I'm quite sure that, going into this game, my son had no idea how to play football.
All that to say, you can be thoroughly impressed with his catch and amazing play!
 I think he's even holding it right! Right? Who knows. But it worked!
Also, I should note that this is our Homeschool Fitness Friday class, organized and led by an amazing woman. This is not the screaming-parents, yelling-coaches, crying-children kind-of sports that we had previously experienced.
THIS I can do. THIS my kids enjoy. :D
This may make me rethink my position on team sports.

At the same time, my Middlest played Wiffleball. Before Friday, I had no idea what Wiffleball even was, so I'll explain briefly, in case you are as ignorant as I.
It is baseball.
I'm sure there's a difference, but not one as far as my untrained eye could detect!
Add to that, I was the assistant coach.
Go ahead and laugh.
More than anything, I let the "real coach" do his job, and I stood around yelling encouragements,
and generally embarrassing my son. 
He turned 8 today!!! WOOOOOOO! Happy Birthday, My Speedy Son!

I'll get the obligatory Halloween trick-or-treating pic out of the way, too.
My Papaw managed to get a picture of my family trick-or-treating
(while following us around from house to house, camera in hand. Serves me right!)  
I had no idea just how well my yellow and white cardy shows up! Wowzers!

Okay, now that my proud mama moments are out of the way, I'll dig deeper on the next post. ;)
I have stuff to say, y'all!

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Anonymous said...

Wendy, I got a kick out of your Mama Moments blog today; that was cute! And the birthday supper tonight was excellent! Thanks for inviting me. I'm making enchiladas for your Mom tomorrow and if there's any left over, I'll bring to you. Papaw