Friday, March 1, 2013

Bright Partying!

I had a little party for my art students, for the big V-Day.
I'll tell you, I ached to do the swirly bright cakes, and the rice krispie marshmallow treats that look like paintbrushes (check pinterest), and all that creative sugary awesomeness ...
BUT my family has issues with that much sugar,
plus we had gluten-free attendees and also vegetarian attendees.
we stuck with turkey and cheese mini sandwiches on wheat,
some veggie-"meat" sandwiches, lots of fruit, nuts, olives, and so on.

The kids didn't miss the sugar a bit!
Love these two little ones, stuffing their faces with healthy goodness!
The thing is, my boys are super-hyper. I know most boys are movers, tumblers, wall-climbers....
but two of mine almost seem to {{vibrate}} when they get too much sugar!

*And then there's Fred. {sigh} That's a whole 'nother post!*
Everything in moderation, yes, but I know we still need to make some changes.
No more dyes, please! It's in everything from medicine to pickles to olives to jello.
I wonder how much dye we consume a year! I might have bright insides by now!

We also recently went with a dear friend and her kids, to Crazy Sock Jump Zone day (discounts!!)
I've known this sweet girl since she was born.
We managed to wrangle some of the kids into a photo.
Two of my boys are in red, my niece and nephew are the other blondies,
and the dark hair kiddos belong to October.
Love all these little munchkins!
Bright, Happy Party Central!

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