Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring days are here again

Things are starting to turn green again, y'all!!
We even hiked in tank tops and shorts last Saturday, and felt pretty sweaty after 5 miles.
 The breeze on top of the dam felt wonderful, and we took our snack/water break up there,
while watching boats go by, and rappellers descend.
 THIS is why I stay in Arkansas.
I dislike the cold, wet lingering winters (I know, you Northerners, I am a wimp!!)
but I looooove the forests and hills, boulders and bluffs, rivers and caves. I love the abundant sunshine and gorgeous views. The Ozarks are truly one of the most beautiful places in the world, especially when everything turns bright and blooming. {sigh} Can't wait.
 Two of my four kids looking. ha. It's hard to get the whole crew still and facing the same direction!

Oh, spring, hurry along!! I had to wear gloves on my bike ride again today, and I'd much rather don the tank top and shorts again instead!!

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