Saturday, March 23, 2013

Pour Jons

This coffee shop isn't just any old coffee shop, folks!
Talk about combining great food and atmosphere!

She's so talented, friends. And she happens to be my Dad's girlfriend's daughter. (Mouthful, yes.)

Seeing as I have ZERO- ZIP- NADA musical talent, I greatly appreciate those who do.
Especially impressive to watch someone play guitar, harmonica, and sing.

Love Pour Jon's new vinyl shop, too! They even have the little 45s! And, believe it or not, I actually own a record player, and bought a few (including a record from the Rocky soundtrack, for my Man.)
Also. I want a brick wall like that in my home.

How fun are these two?! Makes me want to go dye my hair all mermaid-like!

And, of course, my sister, feigning a fall out the open two-story window. Niiiiice, Julie.

 If you live in my area, and haven't been to Pour Jons yet, you have to go!!
I highly recommend the French Toast Coffee. //drool

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Lavidafranco said...

The shiny way you see life makes me smile!
Thanks for the pic's!