Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Words with Friends

A few months ago, one of my boys took an extra long time brushing his teeth.
After he was in bed, I found this in the bathroom:

Yep, his name spelled out, in hair thinga majigies, combs, tooth brushes.
Creative spirit!
He started something, y'all, and my friends and family joined in!
My dear friend Suzanne's hubby did this from his office, in Little Rock, AR:
And she responded with this one, from her home:
Then I found some Joy, while hiking.
It is usually where I find the most joy--
outside, with my kids, in the warmth and fresh air.

Another friend, Ann-Marie, sent this from her office in Rockford, Illinois:
(I totally thought that was toilet paper on her desk, at first glance!)
And, below....
behold, my dishes.

Oh, and another from Suzanne. Isn't this sweet? :D