Saturday, July 14, 2007

This past GOOD week

This has been a good week.
My aunt, uncle, and cousins were in town from TN. The kids had a blast with my 17-year old cousin, Wallace. We went swimming with them twice at the aquatic center.I'm not sure who was more worn out at the end of the day, Wallace or Isabelle.

The kids also had Sports Crusader soccer camp this week. Lots of fun, and they were able to get their energy out each day. The timing was great, too, because Trevor always naps at about 1pm, so I was able to get some housecleaning in. The awards ceremony was yesterday. It wasn't very well organized, but I'm glad the kids got certificates, T-shirts with Scripture verses and NIV sports Bibles.

The biggest PRAISE of all is that my Mimi's surgery was successful. This has given her a new lease on life. She is such a tough woman, so full of life and energy. Today is her 70th birthday, but I still don't think of her as old. Her surgery yesterday lasted 4 1/2 hours, to remove 1/2 of her pancreas, her gall bladder, duodenum, and the ducts leading away from the pancreas. Her ability to prodice insulin is gone now. But her recovery already is going great. They expected her to be in ICU for at least 2 days, and she was able to move out at 9pm last night. PRAISE! She is talking and in good spirits. Thank you, Lord.

So I would call this a GOOD week!

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