Saturday, July 28, 2007

Shattered Glass and Wonderful People

Well, let's just get right to the point, shall we? I shattered my parents' very large front window today by accident. Never mind how I managed to do that. It was just one of those weird freak accidents.

The point here is that it could have been SO much worse. Most importantly, none of the kids were hurt, and they were all standing right there. Oliver was in his car seat just inches away.(That's blessing #1) I was cut several places, but nothing that required more than tweezers and bandages. It could have taken my fingers! (#2) I seriously just stood there bleeding for a second, unable to comprehend that the window was broken. I guess that is better than having a panic attack.

The third blessing for the day comes in the form of sweet friends. To everyone out there (anyone?) I recommend Griffin Glass. Thanks, guys! I called the regular # and got no answer, so I called Suzanne at home. Apparently Saturday is a regular work day for Allen and he'd already been gone all day. I'm sure I made him very late for dinner, but he went right over to my parent's house to get the window frame and give me an estimate. SO nice!!

The fourth wonderful blessing today is my parents. Such sweet understanding people!! My folks weren't home at the time, and I just dreaded calling my dad to let him know what had happened. I shouldn't have worried so much. His first concern was that no one was hurt. Then he thanked me for taking care of the matter and calling the glass place. Thanked me! I broke the window! I love my parents. People always matter more to them than things, and this is just another example. I need to follow that example, and not get bent out of shape if the kids accidentally spill something or ruin clothes or whatever. It's just not that important. Relationships endure.

So, what could have been the last straw for the day, ultimately made me realize that I'm a very blessed person. God is watching out for me. I have precious children that were safe, precious friends who helped in a time of need, and precious parents who are extremely caring and forgiving. God lets bad things happen for a reason sometimes. I know, I know, It's just a broken window. I have never denied being a little melodramatic!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're all ok. And I'm glad you were able to be optimistic about the whole thing. It's just that accidents never are planned. Thanks for the post.

Ann-Marie said...

Praise the Lord you are all okay! Isn't it funny how all the little things seem to disappear when we receive a reprieve from "what could have been." Thank goodness! And God! Sounds like you have exceptional parents!