Sunday, July 8, 2007

Devil's Den

I had a great time yesterday going to PFChangs and shopping with my two younger sisters. We never seem to be able to get together anymore. Amy is still in college and Jules has an almost-2-year old and a baby girl due in three weeks. We all lead busy lives. Anyway, I'd never eaten at that restuarant before and it was really, really good, especially considering that I don't usually care for Chinese. After eating, we shopped around Promenade. Jules and Amy helped me choose some cute clothes to get with my remaining birthday money. Who am I kidding? They picked out the clothes and then told me what looked good. I'm no good at fashion. ;-)

Today was a fun day, too. This morning we left the house at 8:30 to go to Devil's Den. My folks came with us, which is always a nice treat for the kids. All of the kids did really well hiking. I and Mr. T enjoyed going through the caves with Noni, Poppy, and their daddy, but E was too nervous this time. He stayed with me and Baby O, looking for snake holes and salamanders. We did find one salamander and a small red frog. He was fascinated. Then we ate a picnic lunch and waded by the waterfall. Another incredible day in the beautiful outdoors. God painted and sculpted such a gorgeous world for us!! I could stay outside all day, I think.
We got home and I nursed the baby, and then we headed out to hubby's dad's chicken farm to frog-hunt and visit. IT was a short visit this time.
Fun day, but I'm tired. Seems like I have hardly been home. I enjoy going and doing fun things, but I sure get behind on the laundry and dishes! he, he, as if I care...


Anonymous said...

blogspot is very easy isn't it? I can tell it must be even easier for you than me-- just look at all the links and pics on your page!
True... you haven't been home much but I'm glad you've been out with your family having fun. Keep it up! Dishes will always wait and, unlike money, will multiply without any effort on your part! =)

Just what are those Woods up to? said...

I had a really great time with you and Amers the other day! With Scarlett coming so soon, it's been hard for me to just let go and unwind, but I had a completely relaxing and fun time with you guys. I'm going to save some $$ so you guys can help me pick some clthes next time...

thanks for telling me how to do the bubble thing. Owen's been sitting on my lap, mezmerized by it.

The pics are great!