Friday, July 27, 2007

Football-Fanatic Friday

Freddy Friday

My hubby is getting psyched about football starting soon. He's planning out his fantasy football, and preparing the get Becks (?) magazine thing and the football game point thing through yahoo. Soon it will be football, football, football on every day in this house. It could be worse, so I'm not complaining. At least he doesn't play golf! HA!

I've decided to shorten everyone in my family. They will now be I, E, Mr. T and baby BigO.

I'm starting to stress a little about school starting next month. AGH!!! I never have everything together in time, mainly because I don't anticipate what needs to be put together beforehand. I do have a tentative MOTH schedule in place. I just wrote out our morning routine, too, which consists of saying the pledge, singing the ABCs (for Mr.T's benefit), counting to 100, finding states on the map, naming the seven continents, and so forth. I figure if we do this every morning, it will become easy for the kids to remember everything. I'd like to start with our state and capital the first day and then add one each day.

Anyway, I do have our other curriculums opened and ready. But the thought of getting each next day's assignments and materials ready is scary. I already get behind on the house. (And I'm nursing right now, so I have that excuse to not be folding laundry!)

I'm also behind on bills. In fact, I haven't even looked at them. I told hubby that it would be his responsibilty now. He agreed to that, but he hasn't looked at them either. It's a good thing we have mostly automatic drafts, and the money in the bank to pay them!!

And painting. I'll add that to my "behind list." My bedroom walls are finally done, thanks to my Mom!! YEA! But only half of my furniture is done. It will all be white when I get done with it.

I need a better focus for today: Swimming. It's Member Appreciation Night, so we will go to that. It's going to be my light at the end of the tunnel. Lots more to say, lots of thoughts and things going on, but I'm done nursing now, so I'd better get hoppin'.


Anonymous said...

Thank God for nursing babies =) and thank Oliver too...for being a good eater =).
I'm sure you'll eventually come up with a nick name for him. I mean, they do just evolve in a way right? Who ever thought that my sister would lengthen Levi's name to "Leviticus" for a nick name? =)

WendyJanelle said...

Hubby thinks we shoudl call baby "hand-eater." Hmmm...