Friday, August 3, 2007

A Thought and prayer before bed

I was praying with the kids earlier when I tucked them in. They are so cute and sweet. When E got in bed, Mr.T called out "Don't let those bed bugs eat you!" He just laughed and ran away, as if it was some funny joke.

E is so funny, too. When I was nursing the baby yesterday he told me that someday he wants to be a mommy, too. I asked why and he said that he would also like to nurse his babies. I see the humor in his comment, but I'm also glad that they can see how much I love to be with them. I'm thankful that they desire the same things for their own families some day.

Anyway, back to what I was saying. I was praying with the kids earlier and I was struck suddenly by just how many things I want for them. It's not enough to just thank God for their safety and health and pray for His continued protection and guidance for them. I want them to make friends easily, to avoid temptation, to be protected from evil people and ideas. I need to pray for their future spouses and in-laws. I want them to be able to have their own kids someday, and live in a safe area. I want my kids to be able to learn easily, speak clearly and have a real desire for God and His ways and His Word. Oh, Lord, there are so many things I desire for my children. Please give them such a longing for You.

Today at breakfast we read Proverbs 1. Then Iz got out her own Bible and read it, in a different version. Mr.E listened and really asked questions this time. Like "who is wisdom?" I think it kept his attention to hear about the plans of the wicked. I'm glad he looked shocked. I'm glad this is fresh for my kids. They aren't just hearing or reading a section of Scripture to say they "had a quiet time." This is big news to them and it means something. It doesn't have that familiarity that too many of us get. We so often fail to hear the words and examine them. I know I do anyway...

Must get to bed. I always fall asleep praying. I'm glad God knows what is on my heart, even if I can't always verbalize or think it before I pass out...

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Anonymous said...

You're so right! I often think of my kids when I'm at work and people walk in who are big kids... I mean like teenage young adult kids. I look at the unkempt 20 some year old male and think to myself: somewhere there is a woman who is his mother..she may never have intended him to look like this but she loves him and she would want the cashier at Popeyes to treat him kindly.
Because I want people to treat my kids kindly...and never to hurt them.