Monday, August 13, 2007

the weekend

To heck with shortening everyones name, it's a pain in the tushy!

Yesterday we had Ethan's birthday party at the aquatic center. Lotsa fun, very hot. The forecast is over 100 degrees for the next three days. Good swimming weather, so long as we have that sunscreen coated on.

Anyway, Fred's sister Kayla and her boyfriend actually came. Yea! We don't see them often. They brought two of Stacy's kids, which was nice. My sister Julie came, too, with Owenkins. Poor kid was terrified of the water. He did splash a little while sitting on my lap, but then he clung to Julie while he was walking back to shore. Ha.

Ethan's been having a blast with all of his new cars, trucks, dinos, books, and so forth. I think Fred has been enjoying it, too! What is it about guys and trucks? Or Nintendo. I guess I just don't understand the appeal. I'd rather read a book or ride a bike, but that's just me...

Amy and Vu came on Saturday to see Ethan and drop off his gift. I got a few cute sunglass pics of her and the kids, and Uncle Vu did a quick sketch of Mr. Ethan. Very cute.

Today we "officially" started math and reading. We had been doing just those two subjects for a good part of the summer, but today we got down to business with the real curriculum and all the manipulative stuff that goes with it. Ethan got to jump right in with his geo board and teddy counters. Isabelle had graph review, some addition stuff, and clock stuff. Seems like hers was a whole slew of review, but that's good.

I can't wait until Trevor starts his two days of pre-K at the church. Johnna is so great with kids, and I think he will especially enjoy the Music and Movement time. It's only 6 hours total a week, and a lot like a gymboree type class thing at this age, but it will still be uninterrupted time for me to work with the bigger kids.


Ann-Marie said...

Best of luck as you start the new school year! I'll never understand how you can do it all! Hat's off!

WendyJanelle said...

Ha! I TRY to do it all, but usually some things just have to be let go. I think we'll let sports go this fall. I just don't see myself hauling four little kids to practices and games three or four times a week, plus it's $50 a kid, and my kids don't even care about it!!

Brook'sBlog said...

Hey girl, I dropped Zach off today at Debbies for his first day of Pre-K. He was good with it, mainly b/c he was there last year too.
It looks like Ethans B-day was so fun. I am sorry that we missed it.
I actually thought it was Sat. not Sun. LOL Sorry about that!
Tell him happy b-birthday for us!
See ya later!